The Enemy of My Enemy

A Friendlier Arrival

The party rows back to Yhaunn, no easy feat, with their new found treasure and new found member Aramil the bard. They row the large boat to the dock and decide to quickly sell the treasure they took from the now deceased pirates. Aramil is put in charge of this, the party believes that he has the best ability to sell it. Many people in the dock ward of Yhaunn are more than happy to buy things like oil, dried food, etc. A pretty gold piece is made and divided. Roscoe leaves the party to this and walks off to attend to other business, the party meets him later in the same inn they met in.

The party decides to go to the back to the black smith shop to acquire their promised weapons, all recieve a masterwork weapon of their choice. Aramil, who isn’t promised anything, is given a sword as a gift by Zachariel. They return to the inn, and Roscoe has some news that they are needed by the Empire of Light once again.


As the storm rolls in the party takes refuge in the dilapidated lighthouse on the island. As they walk into the entrance hall they see cloaks hanging on hooks and places for boots to sit, however there are no boots present. As they continue to search the lighthouse they find that anything, anything worth anything is taken and the whole lighthouse is ransacked. As the party searches the upper floors of the lighthouse they find more ransacked rooms as well as the four bodies of the family who used to live and run the light house. All were stabbed many times and left to rot. Some of the party is unsettled by the sight of the bodies, the sight seems to have no effect on Roscoe.

The top of the lighthouse can see the whole island, this island also holds a small enclave of pirates, pirates whom Roscoe deduces killed the inhabitants of the lighthouse. The rumors also say that these pirates have taken two ships and looted them. As Roscoe sits atop the lighthouse with Tybault and says; “These pirates have caused too much trouble, tomorrow I’m going down there and taking care of them.” Tybault responds with, “We’ll go to, you can’t take’em alone.” “Alright, don’t slow me down.”

After Zachoriel buries the bodies of the owners of the lighthouse, Tybault bars the doors, and the party sleeps in the lighthouse to wait out the storm. Morning comes and the party awakes to see Roscoe has already unbarred the door and left the lighthouse. They find him a little down the beaten path in a sortof thicket. THe party watches the pirates milly about, easily distinguishing the leader from the rest. Roscoe declares it time.

S’hric lets an arrow fly straight into the leader, it hits her in the chest and she falls down dead. The pirates panic and start diving for cover behind their tents. Roscoe just charges toward the band with his crossbow drawn. He takes a shot at a dwarf pirate and hits him in the gut. Tybalt and S’hric both continue raining down arrows upon the pirates, the battle is quick and merciless.

A search of the pirates tents reveal a half elf is being held prisoner, the party questions him, his name is Aramil and he is a traveling bard who has traveled very far. Roscoe responds, “Well our journey will be worth tellin, come with us then.” Aramil gladly nods and adds, “That sword from the pirate is mine, can I have it back, they took it when they captured me.” With a look Roscoe drops it in the sand. The party grabs what of the treasure they can and starts rowing towards Yhaunn.

Rough Waters

Tybault feels his body swaying, he slowly opens his eyes to see S’hric and Zachoriel. They’re on a boat and seem to be in a type of cell. They recall about how this happened…S’hric explains how Roscoe more or less is a thief. A guard’s sweeping the floor.

“Ah finally awake. Ya know we Thayans aren’t merciful. You should of thought twice before stealing from us.”
“It wasn’t us, it was someone else, you dont have proof!”
“Don’t need it, that land inside the enclave is for us to govern. YOu’re all gonna be sold as slaves. Enjoy the rest of the ride.”

He laughs and walks topside. After many minutes another guard walks down, the party instantly recognizes it to be Roscoe. Immediately they start asking questions of what he did and why and how. He hushes them quiet and says, “Do you want to get out of here or not? Stay here and wait for the signal.” He notes that they’ll know the signal and goes back topside.

Over an hour passes when the party feels the ship sail a sharp starboard. THunder can easily be heard in the distance, then Roscoe emerges from the top deck with a huge pile of weapons and backpacks. He throws them infront of the cell and unlocks it. “Well I hope you can all swim, grab your things.” Roscoe then returns topside. The party starts gathering their equipment and almost just as soon as their equipment is in place a reef bursts through the bottom of the boat and it instantly starts filling with water.

The party rushes topside to see a bunch of bodies seemingly knocked out rather than killed and Roscoe is standing on the edge of the ship egging them to come. As the party reaches him he dives into the water. The party hesitates and follows. Roscoe leads them to a small island with a lighthouse. After swimming for a long time, too long for the party to know, they reach the island. The coming storm has now came and is pouring on the party. Roscoe suggests they head to the lighthouse to wait out the storm. What else have they to do?

A Thayan Encounter

THe party makes way to the Thayan Enclave. A massive camp surrounded by a tall fence, with countless everburning torches burning. Just before arriving at the front gate Roscoe splits from the group, S’hric is the only one curious enough to follow him. Zach and Tybault are greeted by a guard who says the Enclave is closed until morning. The two put on their bluff faces and try to convince the guard that they are interested in another sort of merchandise, the kind that does what you dont want to, slaves. The guard has no idea what they’re talking about and knows nothing about the two missing blacksmiths either.

As the guard calls over a figure with more authority Roscoe and S’hric return to the group, a red wizard walks over to see the commotion, wearing red robes with a shaved head it is only when she speaks that the party realizes she is a she. She seems to get angry at the mentioning of slaves and Thay. She tries to coerce the guards to remove the party from the premises. This arouses the suspicion of the leader of the whole Enclave, another red wizard approaches wondering what is going on. The whole situation is explained and he tells the party that the missing blacksmiths is a tragedy, yet no one in the enclave is responsible. Roscoe now speaks up saying the trader said he bought them from a Thayan. The woman seems to become more nervous the longer the party is there. When finally questioned by the head wizard she runs toward the woods, scroll in hand she reads and two zombies rip themselves from the ground. Just as quickly as the zombies are summoned S’hrics hand is raised and everyone become entangled by groping vines and roots. The head wizard seems unaffected and quickly knocks out the now rogue wizard with one quick spell. The party quickly takes out the zombies with range weapons and S’hric calls off the spell.

THe Thayan leader appreciates the party bringing this to their attention, he leaves and returns with a bag full of potions and scrolls. A sort of bribe so they dont tell a soul. The party agrees and accepts the bag.

The party triumphantly returns to town. A crazy night ensues with Roscoe paying for almost everything the party wants. Then they all retire to their rooms, except for S’hric who returns to the wildnerness outside town.

Morning comes and all but Roscoe are awake, the party jokes about him having too many drinks the night before. All the sudden the doors of the inn burst open and the Thayan wizard busts in, “Thieves, you made a wrong choice!” With that he throws a small sphere-ical device that bursts with a puff of smoke, the party fights to stay awake but it is a losing battle. Just before passing out Tybault sees Roscoe walking down the stairs and sees the situation, he crouches behind a wall and watches as the group gets taken away.

While Roscoe and S’hric were away:
S’hric silently follows Roscoe and watches as he swiftly climbs over the fence of the Enclave. S’hric climbs just as easily, but is surprised to find Roscoe waiting for him at the bottom.
“You’re risking alot following me, you should go back.”
“The risk is high for you as well.”
“Yes, but i work better alone in some ways.”
With that Roscoe starts sneaking his way to one of the buildings in the Enclave. S’hric continues to follow as Roscoe goes into the building, when S’hric pokes his head in the doorway Roscoe can be seen filling a bag with potions and scrolls off of shelves. JUst as fast as he entered Roscoe leaves. S’hric and him climb back over the fence and Roscoe stashes the bag before they return to the group.

A Day in Sembia

An awkward pair ride up to Yhuann, a wolf following close behind. A dwarf and an elf riding a horse approach the city. The guard at the front gate greets them with a rude attitude. He questions their business in Yhaunn and continually gives S’hric a disaproving glance. But he lets them in the city after Zachoriel agrees to keep his elf companion out of trouble. After stabling the horse, and saying a short goodbye to the wolf, the two head to a local inn to see what is going on in Yhaunn.

The two arrive at the Seawell Inn, one of the best in the middle district of Yhaunn, it is bustling with local rumors and the duo takes in alot about the whole sembian coast. Some of the local rumors they here are about pirate activities, people going missing with the latest being two aspiring blacksmiths, and other news of the Thayan Enclave that recently showed up and now has great relations with Yhaunn. After a rough encounter with two humans at a bar, in which Zachoriel had to buy them drinks, they found out more about the two blacksmiths, that they went missing the night before and were seen leaving with a woman.

Meanwhile two humans sit at a nearby table in deep discussion. Soon one of the humans approaches the pair with a job offering from an adventuring company, Empire of Light. Their job is to find the two lost blacksmiths. We can start as soon as possible.

They start out by talking to the bartender who tells them about the woman the two left town with, a blond haired woman. Roscoe thinks its best to head there and talk to the guard. He explains what direction they headed, for a little coin. Tybault easily picks up a trail of three footprints, after following the trail it leads to two matted patches of grass and one set of footprints leading into the woods. Roscoe believes the trail is hot and convinces the party to chase the cart tracks. After hours of tracking they come across a cart taking a stop.

They slow their pace and sstalk the stopped cart. Roscoe moves alone from the rest of the party to the left side of the cart. The party exchanges words with the owners of the cart, two guards and their employer. He’s a humble trader who purchased the slaves in his cart legally, there seems there is nothing the party can do. Roscoe returns with his crossbow drawn and pointed at the merchant.

“Let them go.”
“I purchased these slaves legally from that Thayan, you have no right to…”
“They were aquired illegally, let them go.”

Tybault chimes in with, “Roscoe, theres a better way. We can figure it out.”

With that the trader yanks the reins and the horse marches forward, but the cart does not follow. A slight grin comes across Roscoe’s face. (he cut the lines holding the horse)

Roscoe lets a bolt fly and it hits the trader square in the chest. Battle ensues, S’hric lets off an arrow that also hits the trader. His body falls off the cart and hits the ground. After his shot S’hric convinces the two guards that their service is done they dont need to die for nothing, they scurry away towards town like scared rats.

Roscoe already has the stray horse controlled and rides it back, hooks it to the cart and the party makes their way back to Yhaunn. The blacksmiths awaken by the time the party reaches the city, theyre dropped off at their shop. Roscoe stables the horse and sells the cart. He suggests the group makes their way to the Thayan enclave.

A Stranger Comes

Sembia, a land of great propsperity and growth. Also a haughty, ruthless, and cut-throat land. Bustling with business deals and merchantable opportunities. A cloaked man approaches the large city of Yhaunn, its raining lightly but the sun is still out and the humidity is becoming a slight annoyance to the hot dry environment he’s used to.

As he approaches the entrance, a guard stops him.
“What’s your business in Yhaunn?”
“My business is my own, but I intend on causing no trouble.”
“Be aware outlander, it takes more than gold to gain our trust!”
“I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Without making eye contact he grins slightly and tosses the guard a gold piece.

He walks past the upper level past a couple large estates and mansions. Getting multiple sneers as he walks calmly to the lower levels to the poorer district, he procures a room in a small tavern, careful to get a window overlooking the street. In the distance past the sea dark clouds can be seen.


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