Traven Outrunner


Traven is a very strong, 6’2", young half-orc ranger who wears leather armor and clothes made from his many catches. He wears a brown cloak with a fur lined hood over his clothes. Across his chest is a bandoleer, and across his back is his favored weapon the greatsword. His skin has the typical greyish half-orc tint, with coarse short black hair that continue to thick sideburns, and black eyes. He is by no means too orcish or too human looking but the perfect mix of each.


A half-orc who left his Orc tribe after not dealing with its social structure too well, and has the scars to prove it. He left into the wild and has been fairing better ever since. Not too easily trusting because of other races reaction towards him. He likes to keep to himself in the wild, hunting for food and profit. Only occasionally making his way to a civilized area to relax for a day or so by staying in an inn, selling his furs and pelts, and not preparing his own food.

Traven Outrunner

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