Meepo, Keeper of Dragons



A small little kobold in rags. He has many scars and bite marks on his body. His eyes are fearful.


A low-ranking Kobold in the “Sunless Citadel” in charge of watching the tribes young white dragon. Meepo helped the party by safely marching them to the Kobold leader. After the party’s battle with the evil druid of the lower levels of the citadel, Meepo was fear stricken with seeing the zombified bodies of his kobold tribe. More so after seeing the zombified body of the dragon he once cared for. He rushed out of the pack of S’hric to save his dragon. Attacked by one of the dragon bodyguards his his life near its end. A burst of energy left Meepo’s hand. His sorceristic powers responding. He has stayed with the party and has become fascinated with the surface above his past residence.

Meepo, Keeper of Dragons

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