The Enemy of My Enemy


As the storm rolls in the party takes refuge in the dilapidated lighthouse on the island. As they walk into the entrance hall they see cloaks hanging on hooks and places for boots to sit, however there are no boots present. As they continue to search the lighthouse they find that anything, anything worth anything is taken and the whole lighthouse is ransacked. As the party searches the upper floors of the lighthouse they find more ransacked rooms as well as the four bodies of the family who used to live and run the light house. All were stabbed many times and left to rot. Some of the party is unsettled by the sight of the bodies, the sight seems to have no effect on Roscoe.

The top of the lighthouse can see the whole island, this island also holds a small enclave of pirates, pirates whom Roscoe deduces killed the inhabitants of the lighthouse. The rumors also say that these pirates have taken two ships and looted them. As Roscoe sits atop the lighthouse with Tybault and says; “These pirates have caused too much trouble, tomorrow I’m going down there and taking care of them.” Tybault responds with, “We’ll go to, you can’t take’em alone.” “Alright, don’t slow me down.”

After Zachoriel buries the bodies of the owners of the lighthouse, Tybault bars the doors, and the party sleeps in the lighthouse to wait out the storm. Morning comes and the party awakes to see Roscoe has already unbarred the door and left the lighthouse. They find him a little down the beaten path in a sortof thicket. THe party watches the pirates milly about, easily distinguishing the leader from the rest. Roscoe declares it time.

S’hric lets an arrow fly straight into the leader, it hits her in the chest and she falls down dead. The pirates panic and start diving for cover behind their tents. Roscoe just charges toward the band with his crossbow drawn. He takes a shot at a dwarf pirate and hits him in the gut. Tybalt and S’hric both continue raining down arrows upon the pirates, the battle is quick and merciless.

A search of the pirates tents reveal a half elf is being held prisoner, the party questions him, his name is Aramil and he is a traveling bard who has traveled very far. Roscoe responds, “Well our journey will be worth tellin, come with us then.” Aramil gladly nods and adds, “That sword from the pirate is mine, can I have it back, they took it when they captured me.” With a look Roscoe drops it in the sand. The party grabs what of the treasure they can and starts rowing towards Yhaunn.



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