The Enemy of My Enemy

Whiteford and the Next Task

Roscoe leads the party west to a small somewhat prosperous settlement further into the Dalelands and farther from Sembia. White Ford. A couple days journey and they arrive safely without any trouble. THe townsfolk are a peacful, pleasant type and are accustomed to welcoming travelers like merchants adventurers. Once the party, as per the fashion, reaches The Ol’ Boar Inn and Tavern their task is explained by Roscoe. A party of local adventurers went in search of “The Sunless Citadel” an old fortress that fell into the ground long ago. Their job is simply to go find them and bring them back or otherwise uncover their fate…

After questioning those at the inn, the party discovers that the legend of the Citadel is known by most around White Ford. It was rumored to be a fortress for an ancient cult of dragon worshipers and feel into the ground after the rampage of a dragon named Ashardalon. So goes the legend.

The party decides to leave immediately hoping to make this a simple search and rescue mission. They pick up any supplies they need from the only store in town and head out southeast toward the citadel.



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