The Enemy of My Enemy


The party travels a distance of roughly 40 ft straight down into the ground. They stand on a small platform. The little light that falls into the chasm reveals the Citadel. Before them a huge fortlike castle structure sits in the blackness. Nothing is said and Roscoe motions Traven to go forward. Traven nods and his half-orc eyes allow him to lead flawlessly. After descending 4 flights of stairs the entrance is right in front of them. They step through the crumbled courtyard towards the door. They enter a circular room with three doors. The party whispers softly attempting to decide which door to continue through.

S’hric walks through the room scanning the walls and observing the doors when he has a strange feeling about him. His body seems to ignore his instructions and walks over toward the south wall. S’hric discovers a hidden door that leads to a small room where once archers would watch the entrance of the Citadel through arrow slits. Three skeletons lay on the floor. S’hric attempts to walk into the room and, too his surprise, the skeletons rise up and attack. S’hric is disgusted, being a child of nature, seeing undead angers him greatly. The skeletons attack S’hric with their claws hit him severely injuring him. He backs away and the party quickly dispatches the three skeletons with their ranged weapons. S’hric is injured but is healed by a potion given by Roscoe. To the party this is just a preview of what is to come in the Citadel.



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