The Enemy of My Enemy

Rough Waters

Tybault feels his body swaying, he slowly opens his eyes to see S’hric and Zachoriel. They’re on a boat and seem to be in a type of cell. They recall about how this happened…S’hric explains how Roscoe more or less is a thief. A guard’s sweeping the floor.

“Ah finally awake. Ya know we Thayans aren’t merciful. You should of thought twice before stealing from us.”
“It wasn’t us, it was someone else, you dont have proof!”
“Don’t need it, that land inside the enclave is for us to govern. YOu’re all gonna be sold as slaves. Enjoy the rest of the ride.”

He laughs and walks topside. After many minutes another guard walks down, the party instantly recognizes it to be Roscoe. Immediately they start asking questions of what he did and why and how. He hushes them quiet and says, “Do you want to get out of here or not? Stay here and wait for the signal.” He notes that they’ll know the signal and goes back topside.

Over an hour passes when the party feels the ship sail a sharp starboard. THunder can easily be heard in the distance, then Roscoe emerges from the top deck with a huge pile of weapons and backpacks. He throws them infront of the cell and unlocks it. “Well I hope you can all swim, grab your things.” Roscoe then returns topside. The party starts gathering their equipment and almost just as soon as their equipment is in place a reef bursts through the bottom of the boat and it instantly starts filling with water.

The party rushes topside to see a bunch of bodies seemingly knocked out rather than killed and Roscoe is standing on the edge of the ship egging them to come. As the party reaches him he dives into the water. The party hesitates and follows. Roscoe leads them to a small island with a lighthouse. After swimming for a long time, too long for the party to know, they reach the island. The coming storm has now came and is pouring on the party. Roscoe suggests they head to the lighthouse to wait out the storm. What else have they to do?



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