The Enemy of My Enemy


The party waits for S’hric. Then they continue through the door on the north wall. It leads to a long hallway, to the left a stone door and on the right a normal door. The door leads into am empty room, a good place to rest if need be. The stone door was never opened by the party. Straight forward is another door the party continues through it. The party stands in a big room, there’s a small firepit in the middle that smolders. Next to the pit is a very big cage that has been bent out of shape to the point where it could not hold anything. On the wall is a sentence written in Draconic. S’hric reads it as “Here there be Dragons.” He also points out it’s written in a very crude dialect of a great language. In the corner a Kobold sits in a bedroll, whimpering in a bad dream.

Traven walks up and pokes the little Kobold. He awakes with terror! Wincing and crying. However as soon as Traven speaks in goblin the little guy calms down and is conversational. His name is Meepo, Keeper of Dragons.

“What are you doin? Crying in the corner, what will crying ever get you!?”

“The clan’s dragon…we’ve lost our dragon. Those wretched goblins stole Calcryx, our dragon!”

Traven is surprised at the mention of a dragon. He tells the party who is also surprised, maybe worried. “What if we help you get your dragon back?” Meepo’s little eyes widen. He starts to dance a little jig in his excitement. “I’ll take you to see Yusdrayl, if you make nice I can grant you safe passage! Promise to get Calcryx and maybe Yusdrayl will make nice too! Come! Come!”

Meepo leads the party through a couple hallways, they get continual glances from all the Kobolds in



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