The Enemy of My Enemy

A Thayan Encounter

THe party makes way to the Thayan Enclave. A massive camp surrounded by a tall fence, with countless everburning torches burning. Just before arriving at the front gate Roscoe splits from the group, S’hric is the only one curious enough to follow him. Zach and Tybault are greeted by a guard who says the Enclave is closed until morning. The two put on their bluff faces and try to convince the guard that they are interested in another sort of merchandise, the kind that does what you dont want to, slaves. The guard has no idea what they’re talking about and knows nothing about the two missing blacksmiths either.

As the guard calls over a figure with more authority Roscoe and S’hric return to the group, a red wizard walks over to see the commotion, wearing red robes with a shaved head it is only when she speaks that the party realizes she is a she. She seems to get angry at the mentioning of slaves and Thay. She tries to coerce the guards to remove the party from the premises. This arouses the suspicion of the leader of the whole Enclave, another red wizard approaches wondering what is going on. The whole situation is explained and he tells the party that the missing blacksmiths is a tragedy, yet no one in the enclave is responsible. Roscoe now speaks up saying the trader said he bought them from a Thayan. The woman seems to become more nervous the longer the party is there. When finally questioned by the head wizard she runs toward the woods, scroll in hand she reads and two zombies rip themselves from the ground. Just as quickly as the zombies are summoned S’hrics hand is raised and everyone become entangled by groping vines and roots. The head wizard seems unaffected and quickly knocks out the now rogue wizard with one quick spell. The party quickly takes out the zombies with range weapons and S’hric calls off the spell.

THe Thayan leader appreciates the party bringing this to their attention, he leaves and returns with a bag full of potions and scrolls. A sort of bribe so they dont tell a soul. The party agrees and accepts the bag.

The party triumphantly returns to town. A crazy night ensues with Roscoe paying for almost everything the party wants. Then they all retire to their rooms, except for S’hric who returns to the wildnerness outside town.

Morning comes and all but Roscoe are awake, the party jokes about him having too many drinks the night before. All the sudden the doors of the inn burst open and the Thayan wizard busts in, “Thieves, you made a wrong choice!” With that he throws a small sphere-ical device that bursts with a puff of smoke, the party fights to stay awake but it is a losing battle. Just before passing out Tybault sees Roscoe walking down the stairs and sees the situation, he crouches behind a wall and watches as the group gets taken away.

While Roscoe and S’hric were away:
S’hric silently follows Roscoe and watches as he swiftly climbs over the fence of the Enclave. S’hric climbs just as easily, but is surprised to find Roscoe waiting for him at the bottom.
“You’re risking alot following me, you should go back.”
“The risk is high for you as well.”
“Yes, but i work better alone in some ways.”
With that Roscoe starts sneaking his way to one of the buildings in the Enclave. S’hric continues to follow as Roscoe goes into the building, when S’hric pokes his head in the doorway Roscoe can be seen filling a bag with potions and scrolls off of shelves. JUst as fast as he entered Roscoe leaves. S’hric and him climb back over the fence and Roscoe stashes the bag before they return to the group.



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