The Enemy of My Enemy

A Friendlier Arrival

The party rows back to Yhaunn, no easy feat, with their new found treasure and new found member Aramil the bard. They row the large boat to the dock and decide to quickly sell the treasure they took from the now deceased pirates. Aramil is put in charge of this, the party believes that he has the best ability to sell it. Many people in the dock ward of Yhaunn are more than happy to buy things like oil, dried food, etc. A pretty gold piece is made and divided. Roscoe leaves the party to this and walks off to attend to other business, the party meets him later in the same inn they met in.

The party decides to go to the back to the black smith shop to acquire their promised weapons, all recieve a masterwork weapon of their choice. Aramil, who isn’t promised anything, is given a sword as a gift by Zachariel. They return to the inn, and Roscoe has some news that they are needed by the Empire of Light once again.



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