The Enemy of My Enemy

A Day in Sembia

An awkward pair ride up to Yhuann, a wolf following close behind. A dwarf and an elf riding a horse approach the city. The guard at the front gate greets them with a rude attitude. He questions their business in Yhaunn and continually gives S’hric a disaproving glance. But he lets them in the city after Zachoriel agrees to keep his elf companion out of trouble. After stabling the horse, and saying a short goodbye to the wolf, the two head to a local inn to see what is going on in Yhaunn.

The two arrive at the Seawell Inn, one of the best in the middle district of Yhaunn, it is bustling with local rumors and the duo takes in alot about the whole sembian coast. Some of the local rumors they here are about pirate activities, people going missing with the latest being two aspiring blacksmiths, and other news of the Thayan Enclave that recently showed up and now has great relations with Yhaunn. After a rough encounter with two humans at a bar, in which Zachoriel had to buy them drinks, they found out more about the two blacksmiths, that they went missing the night before and were seen leaving with a woman.

Meanwhile two humans sit at a nearby table in deep discussion. Soon one of the humans approaches the pair with a job offering from an adventuring company, Empire of Light. Their job is to find the two lost blacksmiths. We can start as soon as possible.

They start out by talking to the bartender who tells them about the woman the two left town with, a blond haired woman. Roscoe thinks its best to head there and talk to the guard. He explains what direction they headed, for a little coin. Tybault easily picks up a trail of three footprints, after following the trail it leads to two matted patches of grass and one set of footprints leading into the woods. Roscoe believes the trail is hot and convinces the party to chase the cart tracks. After hours of tracking they come across a cart taking a stop.

They slow their pace and sstalk the stopped cart. Roscoe moves alone from the rest of the party to the left side of the cart. The party exchanges words with the owners of the cart, two guards and their employer. He’s a humble trader who purchased the slaves in his cart legally, there seems there is nothing the party can do. Roscoe returns with his crossbow drawn and pointed at the merchant.

“Let them go.”
“I purchased these slaves legally from that Thayan, you have no right to…”
“They were aquired illegally, let them go.”

Tybault chimes in with, “Roscoe, theres a better way. We can figure it out.”

With that the trader yanks the reins and the horse marches forward, but the cart does not follow. A slight grin comes across Roscoe’s face. (he cut the lines holding the horse)

Roscoe lets a bolt fly and it hits the trader square in the chest. Battle ensues, S’hric lets off an arrow that also hits the trader. His body falls off the cart and hits the ground. After his shot S’hric convinces the two guards that their service is done they dont need to die for nothing, they scurry away towards town like scared rats.

Roscoe already has the stray horse controlled and rides it back, hooks it to the cart and the party makes their way back to Yhaunn. The blacksmiths awaken by the time the party reaches the city, theyre dropped off at their shop. Roscoe stables the horse and sells the cart. He suggests the group makes their way to the Thayan enclave.



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