The Enemy of My Enemy

A Stranger Comes

Sembia, a land of great propsperity and growth. Also a haughty, ruthless, and cut-throat land. Bustling with business deals and merchantable opportunities. A cloaked man approaches the large city of Yhaunn, its raining lightly but the sun is still out and the humidity is becoming a slight annoyance to the hot dry environment he’s used to.

As he approaches the entrance, a guard stops him.
“What’s your business in Yhaunn?”
“My business is my own, but I intend on causing no trouble.”
“Be aware outlander, it takes more than gold to gain our trust!”
“I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Without making eye contact he grins slightly and tosses the guard a gold piece.

He walks past the upper level past a couple large estates and mansions. Getting multiple sneers as he walks calmly to the lower levels to the poorer district, he procures a room in a small tavern, careful to get a window overlooking the street. In the distance past the sea dark clouds can be seen.



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