Dark times are never far from Faerun, but these are still dark times indeed. Power is gained and lost at a rapid rate, and many groups and people are battling daily for it. Power is power and all that stands between life and death, sadness and happiness, these are dark times indeed.

The year is 1374. The unrest in the Dales is still taking place, orcs are still the number one enemy of most adventurers (good or bad), there has been rumors of corruption in the leaders of Waterdeep, the Zhentarim are on the prowl as usual, as well as the Cult of the Dragon, to top it all off is the mysterious reappearance of the empire of shade reappearing above the sands of Annouroch.

But still life goes on in Faerun. Adventurers make names for themselves, wizards as well, deities are worshiped, and the common folk try to make a living doing what they can.

The Enemy of My Enemy

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